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Aulife International Pty Ltd trading company is focused on delivering high quality products with a high level of service to our customers. Our head office is located in 15-19 Elliott Court, Hillcrest, Australia. The distribution of our products is delivered through our business premises and online through our E-commerce Platforms.

Our vision, culture and values guide our company to be a market leader in delivering high quality supplements, health products and skin care items to Australian and international customers. We source Australian made products to to our domestic and international customers.

Our three major markets of customers are mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia. We look forward to working with quality minded Australian suppliers whom are focused on partnering with us for win-win partnerships.



Team Members

  • 5 years studying experience in HongKong and Australia guides me to think more on the current trading market.

  • Doing trading for 3 years made me to realise that to be a great trader, you need to trade with your eyes open, recognize real trends and turns, and not waste time or energy on regrets and wishful thinking.

Jinting Li --Director

  • Majored and gained the Bachelor's degree and Master degree of International Business in Queensland University of Technology.

  • Founder’s first-hand experience as a frontrunner in the e-commerce space has equipped Au Life with extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of how to successfully sell Australian products to Chinese consumers.

Ivy Yao--Director

  • I have been working with AuLife International Pty Ltd since February 2016 as a marketing manager. 

  • I gain over six years worth of formal marketing and small business management experience. 

  • I have a bachelor's degree and master's degree in business management from Queensland University of Technology.

Ty Gibson--Marketing Manager

  • Graduated in Industrial management and Supply chain from the IAE Lyon Business School in France

  • I’ve worked in several industries in order to manage goods around Asia, Europe and Australia

  • My mission is about flow management between our suppliers, warehouses and our customers

Thibaut THERY--Supply Chain Manager

  • I obtained my Master’s degree on Marketing Management in The Australian National University.

  • I worked on operational Marketing and commercial related to European and high-end Chinese market. 

  • My mission concerns relationship building with existing clients, analyse statistics and customers behavior,  to expend the online shopping business within social network, and negotiate with new partners in Europe.

Yijun Xie -- Europe-Marketing Manager

  • Claire Pink has had 15 years’ experience in China market

  • Claire  is  now  based  in  Brisbane  but  was  based  in  China  for  6  years  and  is  passionate  about  creating  trade  and  relationships  between  China  and  the  West.

  • Specialising  in  FMCG,  Claire  has  a  solid  back  ground  with  marketing  and  eCommerce  in  China,  working  closely  with  brands  to  ensure  they  succeed  with  a  swift  and  cost  effective  China  market  entry.

Claire Pink --Brand Manager

  • 15 years of management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises in China

  • Professional registered psychologist ,enterprise human resource manager, corporate trainer in China. 

  • Chairman of the Window of Yin International Career Alliance

  • Experience in the construction and management of global cross-border supply chain channels.

Lai Liu -- China Hunan CEO



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